Unfortunately we didn’t get any puppies with the Dario X Lily combination… Most likely the mating was slightly late.

Lily is mated to beautiful Dario, thank you so much Madeleine Hedlund, kennel Yebelli’s. Dario is a small boy with several CACs, nice temperament and eye checked clear.


We got five adorable puppies with the Shirin X Rossi combination!
All puppies are reserved!

Shirin is mated to lovely Rossi, thank you both Elizabeth DG Sackerud and Pär Sackerud. Rossi has only been showed five times and achieved 2 CACs and one resCAC. He is a jolly boy and is eye checked clear.


In our blog we will post updates about the current litter.
See the separate pages above for each  previous litter!

The Vineyard litter 2018

The Peace Prize litter 2016

The Spellcasting litter 2013