The Wonderworld litter 2020

D.O.B: 2020-06-21
3 males, 2 females

COI 0,4% (based on 5 generations)

Litter pedigree – The Italian Greyhound Breed Archive

Just after midnight June 21th 2020, Shirin started to give birth to The Wonderworld litter – three males and two females! The puppies were given English names, well known in literature, along with fabulous places that only exist in movies, games and literature.

Arceum’s Arthur In Ashenvale
Owner: Franziska Walther, Kölliken, SWITZERLAND
Kennel Aus Dem Sternerland

Arceum’s Robin In Rivia
Owners: Viktoria Dorand och Edwin Lindberg, Falun

Arceum’s William In Winterfell
Owner: Malin Viberg, Kramfors

Arceum’s Edith At Endor
Dario and Isabella Berra, Olgiate Olona, ITALY

Arceum’s Sophie At Skyrim
Owner: Sauli Kukkonen, Helsinki, FINLAND
Kennel Greyout